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Hello Church World!

Hello, Church World. Welcome to First Baptist Church of Hermitage, Tennessee website. The purpose of this post is to conduct a test on FBC’s message posting, visitors commenting, page to page linking and other systems. We need your aid in the process. Therefore, this post was generated to help assist our Web Developer from Rank High Studio, LeNard Simmons.

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Work In Progress

Growing Together With The Community Help

  1. While you are touring the website, check to make sure there are no broken links on the post or page you are visiting. Click on this example of a broken link to view one. If you find any links not working correctly on this website, please report them by using our general contact us form or the comment section under the main content.
  2. There should be one image or video on all pages and post. Some images and videos used on this website appear in the Public Domain and have been cited/credited. Most of the images or videos used on the website are the property of FBC. You are asked to report any images or videos that do not display/play properly.
  3. Please feel free to leave any comments, ask questions, or offer subjections, or your feedback about the FBC website.

Thank you and God bless you.

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